Presenting FugueSQL at BudapestBI

In 2021, in collaboration with Kevin Kho, I presented a brief introduction to FugueSQL, a language that allows heavy SQL users to work on Python-based DataFrames, at the 2021 BudapestBI conference

At the time I was helping the project to improve its tutorials & documentation, so maintainers Kevin & Han Wang gave me the opportunity to pitch in on an upcoming presentation. Kevin & Han were a joy to work with during that brief stint.

At the time I felt that Fugue was freeing up a lot of complexity in the Python data space by providing a unified interface to computing libraries/frameworks & wanted to spread the word. Just write SQL or Python & Fugue handles running it on Spark/Dask/DuckDB etc. It was really very liberating.

I felt a little bit of an imposter presenting a FugueSQL tutorial having not really used FugueSQL myself in any great depth!

I drifted from the project as my focus shifted more towards web development.

Hi there, I've spent the last four years working in software - full-stack web development, analytics & data pipelines - if any of that sounds interesting, you might find the posts here useful.
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