I maintained & developed Mainstream Renewable Power’s proprietary data platform StationManager. I rebuilt this system on top of new foundations in an effort to tackle this sytem’s complexity. It wasn’t plain sailing, but was ultimately worth the effort. I reflect on this experience in detail in Struggling to Sync Sensors & Databases

StationManager monitors Mainstream’s globally distributed fleet of meteorological sensors, which are used to estimate site-specific wind/solar energy yields


I built out tooling in Python to “reproducibly” estimate regional building energy demands at Codema as part of the Dublin Region Energy Masterplan project, which subsequently fed into the Dublin municipality energy planning processes. I reflect on this experience in detail in From Excel to Python


I studied “Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering” at Trinity College Dublin & for one year at the Australian National University, where I was introduced to energy systems which motivated my next stint at Codema.

My 2018-19 design project - A Brief Spell Re-engineering Corporate Team Building - was a big driver for me to switch into software as I found the most interesting work to be software-oriented

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