A Brief Spell Re-engineering Corporate Team Building

Over 2018/19 my 8 person Trinity / University of Sao Paolo engineering team was challenged by an Irish company called Orangeworks with an unusual request -

“How might we redefine the corporate team building experience for 2030?”

What does a team of mechanical/software/electrical engineering students knows about team building? The question should be rather, what fun thing can we build that also satisfies the brief?

The others in the Dublin team were comfortable hacking on code, breadboards & Computer Aided Design (CAD), & we had to satisfy all three urges, so we quickly ruled out anything involving remote teams as being too “softwarey”.

We hacked together some neat, nerdy ideas that combine 1-3 of these itches like -

  • QWOP but with buttons
  • Chess but with a digital twin

Eventually we converged on a monstrosity that looked fancy, was fun to build and kind of met our brief. It was a laser cut, computer-vision driven tabletop team building platform1. The table used computer-vision to read the objects placed on top of a transparent board and in response adapted the visuals being projected onto it -


For our troubles we got a free trip to Sao Paulo to brainstorm/carinval with our brazilian team mates & an exhibition/Yosemite-trip in California & (somehow) a nomination as a standout 2018/19 project2

  1. Quite a mouthful 

  2. I guess it’s looks nice :) 

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